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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Thomas Westcott we are committed to operating in a socially responsible way. It is an important aspect of doing business that matters to an ever wider group of stakeholders – our employees, clients, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. We’re conscious that everything we do needs to be viewed with social responsibility in mind.

There are four main focus areas through which we look at CSR:

  1. Community (the impact the firm and our people have on the communities in which we live and work);
  2. Environment (the environmental impact that we have);
  3. Marketplace (how we interact with our clients and suppliers); and
  4. Workplace (people management processes that ensure our staff work in an environment which promotes health, safety, equality of opportunity, training and development, and performance management). 

We have a well-established CSR team comprising partners and employees from across the firm who actively develop and review our ongoing CSR activity. 

Our aim is simple: to embed a strong social responsibility approach in every aspect of our business.


We understand our responsibility to the communities in which we work, and are committed to fully engaging with them. We encourage our people to become actively involved in community projects and also to use their professional skills where appropriate for the benefit of our local communities. 

We have a nominated Charity of the Year for whom we actively raise funds through firmwide activities. It is a great – and inspiring – focal point throughout the year for many of our people.

In addition, many staff members are engaged as trustees and volunteers in a wide selection of different charities, from small local groups to causes with a regional or national footprint.

We also make a number of presentations through the year, free of charge, to trustees and officers of charitable bodies to help them improve and better understand their role and responsibilities.


We are committed to continuously evaluating our environmental impact and to working with outside organisations to achieve further improvements.  

We are successfully reducing our level of CO2 emissions with particular focus on our use of vehicles, heating, lighting and other electrical equipment. We source our electricity from a 100% green supplier.

We are closely controlling our consumption of resources such as plastic and paper, particularly by making use of electronic data storage and communication.

We actively encourage the recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal materials to reduce waste and lower our environmental footprint.

We also help and advise a range of clients in connection with renewable energy and sustainable business initiatives.


We recognise that the way we act for our clients and treat our suppliers and contacts makes a statement about our values and our place in society.

We act for a wide variety of clients and fully commit to accommodating any specific client needs that may arise from gender, disability, race, religion, beliefs, age or sexual orientation. We will not refuse to act for a client, nor to contract with a supplier, on any such discriminatory grounds. Every member of the firm is expected to comply with this policy and any allegations of discrimination will be taken extremely seriously.

We are proud that the understanding with which we engage with clients, combined with our reputation for discretion, sensitivity and pragmatism, has created an environment in which we build long term relationships that flourish.


Our people are our most valuable asset: they are critical in enabling us to provide exceptional service to our clients. It is key to us, therefore, that we attract, retain and develop talented people of the highest quality. To achieve this, we are committed to open and equal recruitment, based exclusively on ability and potential. The same applies to promotions internally. Our watchwords are fairness, equality and merit.

We fully recognise the need to continually develop and stretch our people, and commit to investing in their accounting, taxation and other professional skills. We also place great emphasis on providing all our people with access to internal and external training and development opportunities. Most of our learning occurs on the job - and therefore regular upward and downward feedback is encouraged at all levels.

Every one of our people is appraised at least once per calendar year, giving them the opportunity to discuss their own progress and to receive constructive feedback from their manager.

We encourage people to apply for work experience with us and for future trainees to apply for training contracts. We carefully read and consider all CVs sent to us. 

We fully recognise the benefit of a sensible work/life balance for all of our people. For the majority of our roles, we offer a variety of flexible working hours patterns, locations and options including term and home working. Regular reviews of how we work are completed including staff surveys so that we are constantly able to match business and individual needs. 

We have a formal health and safety policy, which underlines our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

We were proud to achieve the Investors In People standard back in 1996 and have maintained this ever since, the latest re-accreditation being in 2018 when we were awarded the Silver standard.