On Thursday 11th March as Simon Lake, Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Personal Finance Society gave us an introduction to Later Life Financial Planning.

Simon is an accredited member of SOLLA, The Society of Later Life Advisers.

This is a seminar for everyone either interested in or simply curious about this topic, especially those already in retirement and for those with elderly parents and relatives with long-term care matters on their minds.
We also invite those who act in a professional fiduciary capacity i.e. as attorneys or court-appointed deputies to attend.

Topics include:
1. What is Later Life Financial Planning?
2. Attorneys / Deputy Planning
3. State Funding / Benefits
4. Local Authority Funding
5. Deliberate Deprivation 
6. Paying for Care

ASK TW - we are here to answer your questions

If you have any questions raised by watching this webinar please email, with the subject as 'webinar 11/03/2021 question'. 

To watch the recording CLICK HERE