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The National Minimum Wage will increase again from 1 October 2014.  Rates will increase from: 

  • £6.31 to £6.50 an hour for workers aged 21 and over.
  • £5.03 to £5.13 an hour for workers aged 18 to 20.
  • £3.72 to £3.79 an hour for workers aged 16 to 17 above school leaving age but under 18.
  • £2.68 to £2.73 an hour for apprentices under 19, or 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship.

The Daily Accommodation Offset

You will be able to offset from the NMW an amount of £5.08 per day for each day that you provide a worker with living accommodation (weekly maximum £35.56).

It is important to note that these new rates only apply to pay reference periods beginning on or after the date they came into law. If you want to discuss how this might affect you or your business or plan for future changes, please contact us.