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The charity commission has recently announced that there will be changes to the charity annual return. The changes will apply for returns prepared in 2015.

There are three new question areas, with questions on:

1. How much income did the charity receive from : Contracts from central or local government to deliver services; Grants from central or local government
2. Does the charity have a policy on paying its staff
3. Has the charity reviewed its financial controls in the period

All charities with income of over £10,000 are required to complete the annual return. Charities with income of over £25,000 are also required to submit accounts to the charity regulator.
We also remind charities that the Charity Commission is getting tougher on those charities which fail to file annual returns and accounts on time.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Steve Cresswell (Head of our specialist charities team) on 01271 374138 or