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The RPA announced on 19th March 2015 that in order to meet the 15th May submission deadline for BPS claims, they are abandoning the online system and will allow agents and farmers to submit forms in order to complete their claims.

The two forms RLE1 (land and entitlement changes) and BP5 (BPS claim form) will be available to download from the RPA’s website ( from 23rd March 2015.  

Farmers must note however that they will still need to register with the RPA for the online service. 

Farms with little or no changes to their land will receive an email from the RPA in April which will summarise the land and entitlements held.  They will also be instructed on how to submit their claim by email. 

Others that need to make mapping changes can use blank forms to prepare their claim, but pre-populated forms will be sent out in April.

Despite these changes so late in the day, the RPA are assuring farmers that they will be able to make payments from December 2015. 

Please contact Sally Nicholls on 01237 472725 for further information.