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The South West Growth Fund, launched in September 2015, is an £8.7M grant fund that is able to provide investment grants to small and medium sized enterprises throughout South West England and large companies within the Assisted Areas of South West England.

These grants, ranging in size from £15,000 to £999,999, are awarded on a competitive basis to growing businesses that intend to make substantial new capital investments that will lead to quality, permanent job creation.

The actual investment project will need to be delivered by 31 March 2017, and any jobs created as part of the project would need to have been created by 31 March 2019.

Key industries being targeted for assistance by this Fund includes Advanced Engineering, Marine, Digital Creative, Environmental, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Electronics and Pharmaceuticals.

However, time is now running out to secure a grant from this fund. Final Expressions of Interest need to be received by 12 September, with Full Applications no later than 3 October (although this deadline may be extended subject to availability of funding).

If you have a capital project in the pipeline that could qualify for grant funding now is the time to consider making an application.

Further details can be found at

For assistance or advice in connection with this, or indeed any other grant funding opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us.