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1 December 2017

  •  Payment of corporation tax liabilities for accounting periods ended 28 February 2017 for small and medium-sized companies not liable to pay by installments.
  •  Check HMRC website to ascertain whether advisory fuel rates have been increased.

7 December 2017

  •  Due date for VAT returns and payment for 31 October 2017 quarter (electronic payment).

14 December 2017

  •  Quarterly corporation tax installment for large companies (depending on accounting year end).
  •  Monthly EC sales list if paper return used.

19 December 2017

  •  Pay PAYE, NIC, construction industry scheme and student loan liabilities for month ended 5 December 2017 if not paying electronically.
  •  File monthly CIS return.

21 December 2017

  •  File online monthly EC sales list.
  •  Submit supplementary intrastat declarations for October 2017.

22 December 2017

  •  PAYE, NIC, CIS and student loan liabilities should have cleared into HMRC bank account.

30 December 2017

  •  Deadline for submission of online self-assessment tax returns if underpayments are to be collected by a PAYE coding adjustment.

31 December 2017

  •  Companies House should have received accounts for private companies with 31 March 2017 year ends and public limited companies with 30 June 2017 year ends.
  •  HMRC should have received CTSA returns for companies with accounting periods ended 31 December 2016.
  •  End of CT61 quarterly reporting period.
  •  Year end for taxable distance supplies to UK for VAT registration.
  •  Non-EC traders claim recoverable UK VAT in year ended 30 June 2017.
  •  End of relevant year for cross-border acquisitions of taxable goods in the UK for VAT registration purposes.