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This month, we introduce our HR Coordinator, Jenny Field, based in our Exeter office.

What is your role at Thomas Westcott?

I work in the Human Resources Department as a HR Coordinator based in our Exeter office. My role is varied but I mostly deal with the onboarding of new staff from recruitment to inductions and life cycle of all staff. This involves sourcing candidates from multiple sources such as agencies or advertisements, integrating them into the business and being their HR contact during their time at Thomas Westcott. This summer we held our first Induction day for our graduates who started in 2018, giving them an insight into the business and we hope this will be beneficial to all students starting their career with us. 

How long have you worked here?

I joined in July 2017 

What do you like about working in the Exeter office? 

I like the central location and being in a larger office means I can get to know staff from different departments.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I attend a gym 3 – 4 times a week after work and at the weekends I like to spend time with friends, listening to local bands. Living on Dartmoor I try to go out walking when I can which can often lead to the pub for a Sunday lunch! I am also a committee member of my local village charity, raising funds throughout the year.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three items would you take with you?

Food, I don’t think I could follow in Bear Grylls’ footsteps! A band, to chat with and play music whenever I want and a boat! 

Do you have any hidden talents? 

Unfortunately not, everything is transparent

What do you enjoy most about working at Thomas Westcott? 

I have previously worked for a larger Accountancy firm and feel that Thomas Westcott has more of a personal approach to clients and staff.


If you would like to contact Jenny, you can call our Exeter office HERE.