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You may notice that there has been a recent change to the government gateway account as below – please be assured this is appearing automatically on every VAT gateway account and not an indication that you have been signed up to the MTD for VAT pilot scheme. 

Unless you have actively joined the pilot, this message can be ignored until 1 April 2019 from which date you may be required to change the way you submit your VAT data to HMRC.



Quickbooks online 

Quickbooks users will notice that a new screen now appears in Quickbooks Online when you submit a VAT return. 

The additional screen asks you to confirm that you are not part of the MTD pilot before you are then able to continue to submit the VAT return.

As above, unless you have actively joined the pilot, this message can be ignored.

However please note that if a VAT registered user has been signed up to the pilot then currently only accountants can submit MTD VAT via QBO on behalf of their clients (using the QBO agents beta service). 

Clients signing up to the early MTD pilot offered by HMRC will be able to file through QBO prior to 1st April, but as yet there is no firm date provided by QBO.

In summary, although you can sign up to the HMRC MTD pilot service, you can’t submit via QBO yet, unless your accountant is submitting as an agent on your behalf, hence why you have to tick the box on the VAT Return submission screen to confirm that you are not taking part in the pilot.


If you have any queries please contact our Quickbooks Pro Advisor team by emailing or contact your local office advisors.