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As the volume of activity increases online, so does the risk of online fraud. Any limited company is exposed to corporate identity fraud as the company details are held online with Companies House. Companies House deal with around 50 to 100 cases of corporate identity theft every month.

One of the most serious examples of this is company hijacking, where fraudsters change a creditworthy company’s details at Companies House using paper forms and then use the stolen company identity to obtain goods and services before disappearing, and leaving the company with serious debts. 

One simple way to reduce fraud risk is to subscribe to Companies House Protected Online Filing (PROOF) scheme to help companies protect themselves against this type of fraud. This means that forms must be submitted electronically, which stops a third party being able to submit a paper form pertaining to be yourselves and changing important company details. 

At Thomas Westcott we offer a comprehensive Company Secretarial service. As part of this this service we automatically enrol our clients to PROOF, to ensure you will benefit from this added level of protection.

An additional advantage of enrolling in our Company Secretarial service, is the optional use of our offices as your registered office and service address for directors. This enables personal details to be kept away from public eye.  

As a member of our Company Secretarial service you will have access to additional benefits including:

  • Completion and submission of the annual confirmation statement and associated filling fee
  • Change in registered office
  • Changes in directors and company secretary
  • Maintenance of the registrar of people with significant control
  • Change of accounting date
  • Changes in shares issued by the company

All for a fixed annual fee of £170 plus VAT (payable in advance by direct debit).  

For further information, please visit our Company Secretarial Service page or contact your local Thomas Westcott office.