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Sean Smith
By Partner Sean Smith

For a long time now, small businesses registered for VAT have had the option to streamline the VAT return process, providing their turnover is below £150,000. By paying VAT on a percentage of gross sales they have been able to significantly simplify their quarterly bookkeeping process. 

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A team of Bridgwater youth footballers is ready to take on the world after we arranged for a member of England Colleges’ football team to provide some valuable coaching, followed by one of our partners presenting the team’s management with a cheque to help buy new training kit.

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Introducing our new Client Case Studies page, which includes real life accounts of how we have worked with clients over the years. 

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Sheldon Cole
By Partner Sheldon Cole

The EMI legislation was introduced back in 2000 but remains a key method for trading companies or groups to recruit, retain, motivate and incentivise key directors and employees via the use of tax advantaged share options.

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Andrew Brown
By Partner Andrew Brown

With the advent of the new so called ‘pension freedoms’, an increasing number of our professional and business owner clients are now looking to make much larger pension contributions, benefitting from tax relief at their marginal rates. However some clients, and it must be said some professional advisers, appear to have overlooked (or to not fully understand) the various so called ‘anti-avoidance’ measures recently introduced by HMRC, which are designed to stop what HMRC perceives as ‘abuse’ of the tax incentives, available to encourage people to make pension contributions. 

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HMRC are currently warning customers to be on the lookout for a new phishing scam. If you receive an email with the subject, “Your 2016 Tax Report”, with an attachment they warn not to open it, and to forward it to phishing@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

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Mark Tibbert
By Tax Partner Mark Tibbert

Below are some key financial dates and deadlines for June 2017

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We continue our profile of the Audit and Assurance team this week with two more of the core members, Steve Cresswell and Hannah Armstrong. 

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The Spring 2017 issue of our Charity Newsletter is now available to read and download HERE


Di Perrett
By Partner Di Perrett

In an increasingly digital world it is easy to underestimate how much we use technology. Digital tools represent a huge opportunity, if not a necessity, for all charities.

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