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Property & Construction

Almost everybody is involved with property transactions at some stage in their lives, this may range from renting or buying a home; to acquiring business premises; to owning and letting property; or being involved in the construction industry.

Almost all property transactions have taxation and business consequences and the rules never seem to stay the same for very long. In the last 12 months we have seen radical changes to stamp duty land tax and yet more changes are proposed for:

  • inheritance tax on family homes;
  • interest relief for letting businesses; and
  • tax allowances for owners of houses let with furnishings;

All this combined with major alterations to the lending criteria imposed by banks and other finance providers is creating an ever changing landscape for property transactions. Keeping on top of everything has never been more difficult or more important.

At Thomas Westcott we have many years of experience dealing with a vast array of property problems, providing both simple and innovative solutions as each case demands. As well as keeping on top of changing legislation for you.

Our newly formed Property and Construction Group has been setup to provide a focus for our expertise in Property owning and construction to bring together all our knowledge so that we can effectively share it with each other and with you. We have links with many bankers, estate agents and solicitors so not only do we have answers we also have the contacts to get you the best advice when you have questions that are not within our areas of expertise.

Whether you want to know about the VAT consequences of a construction project or are looking to sell a second home or anything in between we are here to help.

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Mark Tibbert BFP FCA Partner and Head of Tax
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